Health, Safety and Environment

The Company places a premium on health, safety and environment protection, in its activities and has put in place, a well-articulated health, safety and environmental protection policy. This is anchored on the need to take proper care of the health and safety of our employees and third-party stakeholders, with proper regards to the conservation of energy and the environment;

In line with this policy, the company has planned it activities and operations to prevent injuries and ill health to employees and the surrounding community, prevent damage to our firm and client’ assets, control and minimize any negative impact on the environment, avoid & eliminate future liabilities, while meeting requirements for demonstrable diligence, associated with a continuous implementation and improvement of its health, safety and environment protection policy;

This is further reflected by our company’s founding philosophy of cost saving from the economies of scale of our operations, the efficiency and effectiveness of our business processes and the conservation of energy and protection of environment by reducing emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from our operations. Seven Oceans Oil and Gas Limited, is the future organization in delivering on the challenges facing the country in general and the industries we serve.

Leaders in the provision of affordable and sustainable energy

Our vision is simple, to become leaders in the provision of affordable and sustainable energy and related services while working in a very dynamic and positive global environment. Our success is derived from the commitment that we have towards our customers, employees and community through innovation and strategic partnerships and collaborations to achieve more and reach further.

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