Jackup Barge

Jackup Barge

HAM 1210

Kind of Vessel Dock Cargo Barge
Building Yard
Yard Number 1991_0001
Building Year 1993
Van Order Equipment Number 1210
Registered Owner Van Oord Overing Materials B.V.
Class Society Not Classed
Sailing Area unmanned operation Inland waters Only
Working Area – for manned operation None
Flag The Netherlands
Registration Number 18362 Z R 1993
IMO Number
Call Sign PEOP
Gross Tonnage 356
Net Tonnage 109
Port Registry Rotterdam

Docked – International freeboard 849tons
ocked – Inland Mark 977tons
Docked – Permissible 10tons/m2
Anchoring System
Length Over All 45.30m
Breadth Over All 11.32m
Length between perpendiculars 43.20m
Breadth Module 11.20m
Depth Module 3.00m
Draught – Light Ship Weight 0.60m
Draught – International freeboard 2.35m
Draught – Inland Mark 2.70m
Height Vessel from Level to top of Mast 10.50m
Light Ship Weight 249tons
Deadweight – International freeboard 849tons
Deadweight – Inland Mark 977tons
Displacement – International freeboard 1,098tons
Displacement – Inland Mark 1,226tons
Persons – Lifesaving Equipment

Installed Diesel Power
Diesel Power not Installed

Installed Winch Power
Winch Power Not Installed

Bunker Capacities
Bunker Capacity not available

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Seven Oceans is committed to provide clean, reliable and affordable energy by harnessing its expertise and innovative capabilities.


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Seven Oceans alternative future is one in which refined petroleum products, plastics and fertilizers are produced more sustainably.


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The strategy is to leverage the full potential of crude oil within the Nigerian economy whilst contributing to exports.


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Seven Oceans through its strategic partners and partnerships operates and manages a fleet of offshore support vessels.

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Our vision is simple, to become leaders in the provision of affordable and sustainable energy and related services while working in a very dynamic and positive global environment. Our success is derived from the commitment that we have towards our customers, employees and community through innovation and strategic partnerships and collaborations to achieve more and reach further.

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